From June 13–20, 2014, I attended the Polyglot Gathering in Berlin…

I was invited to attend by the lovely Mariola and persuaded to attend by the list of participants, many of whom are heroes of mine. Among the attendees were so many people I’d admired for years, such as Richard, Benny, Alex, Luca and even Sonja, the creator of Toki Pona. In the meantime, I got to know and befriend Chris, and exchanged some short conversations on social media with so many other people (such as David and Ellen) that I was so excited to meet.

My game plan: I…

Tim Doner

In April 2014 I wrote this piece on Tim Doner, a popular young polyglot. Pulling from snippets of interviews, it details how he learned his many languages.

As “the world’s youngest polyglot,” Tim Doner has gained the attention of many language learners and admirers who want to know how he has achieved what he has.

Today I will share Tim Doner’s language-learning method, in a cohesive format, gathering statements from his public appearances.

Stick around until the conclusion, where you’ll find out what Tim says is the crux of language acquisition.

Playing the Part

First, Tim is very entertaining when he speaks another…

In February 2016 I wrote this article explaining how to change Anki’s settings to make it into the classic Leitner system, with revisions every set number of days (1, 2, 4, 8…).

If you want to set up Anki software as a classic Leitner system/box game, follow the steps below to modify the settings.

What’s the Leitner system?

Here’s a short video explaining it:

The Leitner Box Game is a paper-and-pen, spaced repetition system from the 1970s that preceded Anki. I first learned about it from its promotion by Gabriel Wyner.

Now you can use it with Anki!

How to Change Anki’s Settings into a Leitner System

In your Decks list, click…

Chris Huff

Language-learning enthusiast, auxlang/IAL geek, law student.

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